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Dog Faming Lives!

Remember Dog Faming? It’s a response to the trend of “dog shaming,” where people post photos showing dogs doing “naughty” things. These always highlight lack of training rather than anything intrinsically wrong with the dogs, and often show dogs that … Continue reading

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Force-Free Training and the Continuum Fallacy: Defining Ourselves

Although this post is about discussions and accusations about humane training, it doesn’t provide fodder for pithy sound bites or snappy answers. The whole point of it is why it can be difficult to explain succinctly our position as science-based, … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Dog Trainer – Harder Than You Think

Originally posted on pawsforpraise:
Here’s some advice from Jean Donaldson on how to choose a dog trainer.  After her suggestions, I’m going to take the liberty of telling you how I would want her questions to be answered if I…

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eileenanddogs’ First Birthday!

Wow. One year ago today, on July 21, 2012, I published the Welcome post to this blog, the supporting “about” pages (linked at the top), and the Blooper movie. And thus my life changed. Common tips about starting a blog usually … Continue reading

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Leah Roberts Fund

A trainer who is utterly, consistently an advocate for the dog, and who urges people to be the best, most gentle, most humane trainers they can be, needs our help. To quote Lynn Honeckman, DVM: 7/19/13 Leah Roberts has been … Continue reading

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The Look of Fear

What happened to little Zani while I was at work one day? Summer was in the crate. Cricket was in the other room. But something had gotten Zani very very worried, and she took a long time to recover. I … Continue reading

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When Management Succeeds

“Management fails.” Have you heard this saying? Did you understand completely what the person meant? I’m going to explain it in some detail for those who aren’t familiar with the terminology or concept, then tell my own management story. Management … Continue reading

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