Information about Shock Collars

“Facts that challenge basic assumptions—and thereby threaten people’s livelihood and self-esteem—are simply not absorbed. The mind does not digest them.”

—Daniel Kahneman

A compilation of my posts, pages, and videos about shock collars and shock training.

Post: Is it Really Just a Tap? Shock Collar Training Explained

Post: Shut Down Dogs (Part 2) (Although not explicitly about shock, many of the shut down dogs shown in the featured video were shock trained.)

Page: Shock Collar Training vs Force Free Video Examples

Page: Shock Collar Training Video Analysis  (The video that was analyzed was removed by Fred Hassen/Sit Means Sit. You can still read the transcript, which describes how the dog was shocked approximately 74 times in 8 1/2 minutes)

Page: The Claims about Leash Pressure and Shock

YouTube Video: How Shock Collar Training Works (demo using a stuffed dog)

Article: Training Your Dog with a Shock Collar: How Will You Decide?

Article: Electronic Fencing: What You Need to Know

PetSafe shock collar and remote

“PetSafe” Shock Collar and Remote

5 Responses to Information about Shock Collars

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  4. As an anti-shock advocate, it pleases me to see an array of well thought out blog posts in one location for people to avail themselves of. I often think that if dogs could “share,” their little paws would be copying and pasting THIS page everywhere!

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