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Does Your Dog REALLY Want to be Petted?

Newsflash. Not all dogs want to be petted. But you wouldn’t know it from watching videos on YouTube. What you can learn on YouTube is that there are lots of dogs whose owners _think_ they are enjoying petting. But they … Continue reading

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Ant-Sized Treats

How often have you read the following words? “For clicker training you need some tasty treats for your dog. We recommend treats about the size of your pinky fingernail.” If you Google “clicker training treat pinky nail” you will get … Continue reading

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Taking it Easy: One Dog Relaxes

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The Missed Cue: Attack of the Zen Field

Up to this point, all of my Missed Cue videos have been set up. After I discover or suspect a hole in my dogs’ training I set them up in a situation in which I’m guessing they will fail, and … Continue reading

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Dog Body Language Study

Observations? Analyses? Comments? I’ll post mine in a couple days.

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Dog/Dog Resource Guarding in Slow Motion

Before completing it, I showed the  movie featured in this post to two different training buddies and both responded with questions. Is it really resource guarding if the dogs don’t escalate to violence or obvious threats? How come the “winner” … Continue reading

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Peek-a-Boo! A Hint for Training Eye Contact

Here is a quickie hint for teaching eye contact from Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels. This is from Level 2 Focus, Step 4 in the New Levels. After the dog has built up eye contact duration to a solid 10 seconds, … Continue reading

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Poop in my Pocket: Life with an Old, Old Dog

The very first thing I do every morning when I wake up is turn over and take a careful look at my very old dog Cricket. She has a special place on the bed surrounded by pillows on three sides … Continue reading

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