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Thank You Susan Friedman and Associates: A Personal Review of the BehaviorWorks Living and Learning with Animals Professional Course

Imagine if you could drop out of this world for two months and live somewhere where positive reinforcement ruled rather than punishment. Where teachers understood how people best learn. Where people taking a class were there to learn, not work … Continue reading

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The Barking Recall

Here is an “almost Wordless Wednesday” (except my videos tend to have a lot of words in them!). I have been working with Clara since she was tiny to make sure she didn’t “catch” some of Summer’s reactive behaviors, and … Continue reading

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Shaping and Stress

This is an expansion of a post about a possible cause of stress in shaping that I sent to the Training Levels Yahoo group. Shaping involves extinction. That is, ceasing to reward something that has been repeatedly rewarded. In the … Continue reading

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Lip Licks!

Just a quick body language observation item today. I love watching slow motion footage of my dogs since so much is happening that I normally don’t see. I had suspected for a while that Summer had at least two distinct … Continue reading

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Call the Doctor. I Think I’ve Been Poisoned!

I had a little outpatient procedure the other day. As I was leaving, still a little fuzzy, the discharge nurse gave me some papers including a little card in an envelope. She said, “This is a thank you note from … Continue reading

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