Dog Faming Lives!

A tan dog with black muzzle lies down on a white mat on a bed with a pink bed spread. She is relaxed, and her mouth is open. A woman plays tug with a smaller, black and tan dog right in front of the tan dog.

How about Clara’s relaxed stay on the mat!

Remember Dog Faming? It’s a response to the trend of “dog shaming,” where people post photos showing dogs doing “naughty” things. These always highlight lack of training rather than anything intrinsically wrong with the dogs, and often show dogs that are very stressed and unhappy.  Isn’t it nicer to catch our dogs doing something good and clever that we are proud of?

At the time of my first Dog Faming posts, I started a FaceBook page by that name. But I had so many irons in the fire that I stopped putting any energy into it. Dog Faming lives again! Blog reader Courtenay Morgan famed her own dog, Edward, found the page, and volunteered to bring it back to life. I had  a little Faming session last night, and as usual, learned some things from the videos I took. (I often take videos so as to capture stills.)

The first thing I learned is that it is perhaps asking a lot to cue a two year old, high energy dog, with whom I have not played tug in several weeks, to watch from her mat while I play with someone else. I perhaps didn’t really need a video to realize that, grin. We had to review a bit. But Clara was a good sport and got the hang of it fast, especially when she got a turn to tug as reinforcement. The second thing is something I learned from the video. Here is a tiny clip. See if you can see it.

Link to the video for email subscribers.

Yet another reason why filming training is such a good idea. Bob Bailey says a trainer’s best tool is film. If I hadn’t filmed, I wouldn’t have noticed  that one of the dogs was unhappy with the setup.

So what are you waiting for? Go put up a sign, cue your dog, take a picture, and head on over to the Dog Faming FaceBook page. At the very least you’ll get a fun photo, but you also might learn something about your dog or your training! Clara mat Zani tug 4 Clara mat Zani tug 3 Clara mat Zani tug 2 Clara mat Zani tug 1

Thanks for viewing! Coming up:

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12 Responses to Dog Faming Lives!

  1. CK Bales says:

    I loved the idea of Dog Faming so I famed Max. I just posted his on the FB page!

  2. Marjorie says:

    That Clara’s pretty impressive!

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  5. Sorry the pingback arrived before I could comment! I don’t have that piece of paper in the picture where the text is supposed to show up against as a sign, but I hope it counts as faming? Thanks 🙂

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