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The Right Words, Revealed

Last week I published four “deceptive” photos in  A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words, But Are They the Right Ones? As promised, here are explanations and context for the photos. #1 Zani doing “Whale Eye” Below is the photo in context … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…But Are They the Right Ones?

Here are four photos that are probably not as they seem. I’m telling you that up front. This isn’t a trick. The shutter speed of a typical digital (or analog) camera is far less than a second. Especially if your … Continue reading

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Boing! Capturing a Trick and Putting it on Cue

I’ve got antecedents and cues on the mind lately. So here’s a little video showing how I captured and started putting a cue onto a darling behavior of little Zani’s. I can get her to do it with a prop … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Celebrate!

Get ready for some fun! The Pet Professional Guild’s International Day of Force Free Training and Pet Care is coming right up. Register for this virtual event, and you can… support the only completely force free pet professional organization (registration is $25 … Continue reading

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What’s an Antecedent Arrangement?

One of the classifications in Dr. Susan Friedman’s Humane Hierarchy that is pretty unfamiliar to most of us dog trainers is called “Antecedent Arrangements.” And look, it is on the more desirable end of the hierarchy! There’s no speed bump, caution … Continue reading

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Why Not to Respond to that FaceBook Post While You’re All Fired Up

Thanks to Scott Beale on Flickr for the photo.  This post may not about what you think. There are several obvious reasons not to rush off the deep end with a critical FaceBook comment, first among them that you may … Continue reading

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