Blooper Video and Transcript

Dog Training Bloopers and Blog

(see transcript below movie)

Transcript of Dog Training Bloopers and Blog

[The dogs in the video are Cricket, a 12 lb rat terrier with short hair, very large ears and an angular body. Zani is an 18 lb hound mix with probably some dachshund in her. Her coat is slightly wiry. She radiates a keen intelligence. Summer is a 28 lb dog with a double coat, a tail that curls up over her back, and a thoughtful demeanor. Clara is about 42 lbs, muscular and rangy. She is high energy and her tail is almost always wagging. Also in the video is Eileen’s friend’s dog, Kaci, who is a 16 lb rat terrier who stares intently at Eileen almost constantly. Eileen is a smallish woman in her 50s.]

Title Pane: Bloopers and Blog:

Text and Voiceover: I’m a decent amateur dog trainer….

Still of Eileen posing with Summer and Zani, an agility judge and 7 blue ribbons

Text and Voiceover: But I make plenty of mistakes.

Still of Eileen and Summer competing in agility. Summer is crawling along the top of a tunnel instead of going inside it and Eileen is laughing.

Text and Voiceover: For instance, I don’t always succeed in teaching what I set out to teach.

Eileen cues “Touch” for a paw touch and Summer does an enthusiastic retrieve instead.

Eileen is trying to teach Clara to relax on a mat, and instead she is writhing, twirling, and flipping over.

Eileen is trying to teach Kaci to look at an agility jump. Kaci jumps over it without looking at it, stares at Eileen, and barks at her.

Eileen is doing NoseWork with Cricket and there are several cardboard boxes, one of which has treats hidden in it. Cricket is supposed to sniff to find the treats. Instead Cricket climbs into a cardboard box, fits her butt into it and sits, and gazes up at Eileen.

Text and Voiceover: My dogs are not always polite to each other

Eileen is petting Summer, and Zani comes up behind Summer and sticks her nose up Summer’s butt repeatedly to try to get her to move away.

Clara politely waits for Cricket to get out of the way before exiting the bedroom, Eileen says, “How polite!”, then Clara deliberately smashes Zani against the wall.

Clara is playing in the sprinkler, biting the water, and guarding it from Summer. She jumps in Summer’s face once, then tries it again  and Summer finally explodes at her and roars and chases her off.

Text and Voiceover: Or to me.

Cricket jumps  around and barks at Eileen in a demanding way.

Text and Voiceover: My dogs are often one step ahead of me.

The remote to the Manners Minder, a remote control treat device, is on the floor. Zani walks up and mouths it, then looks at Eileen. She does this again, then looks out of the frame toward the Manners Minder. She deliberately presses the remote with her foot, the machine beeps, and she runs out of the frame to get her treat.

Clara stands on her hind legs to try to reach a large pillow that is on top of a plastic chest that is on top of a crate. She can’t quite reach it. She goes to the side of the crate and climbs up on a step, and can now reach the pillow and drags it down and shakes it. Eileen says. “I wondered how you were doing that!”

Text and Voiceover: I sometimes misjudge my dogs’ attention

Eileen walks to the end of the hall with her back to Clara, waiting for her to come to her side. Instead, Clara walks away down the hall and into another room.

Eileen has a tug toy. She throws it down excitedly and says to Summer, “Get it.” Summer trots off to get a drink of water and Eileen laughs.

Text and Voiceover: I am not always in control

Eileen is walking around and Clara is at her side, leaping very high into the air and onto Eileen.

Zani and puppy Clara are tearing up a welcome mat and Eileen opens the door and says, “Good job, y’all!” In the next frame they are delightedly rolling in it

Eileen is standing facing Summer, Zani, and Clara, who are all in sit stays. Eileen reaches down and gives a treat to Clara, who is not careful with her teeth. Eileen jerks her hand back, says, “Ouch!” and rolls her eyes and sighs.

Text and Voiceover: We do gross stuff sometimes

Eileen and three dogs are in the back yard in the grass. Eileen bends over and starts to retch, pretending to throw up to see if it could operate as a recall cue. Clara runs to her delightedly and jumps around. The other two dogs come to see what the fuss is all about. Eileen laughs hard and passes treats all around.

Text and Voiceover: We have “accidents” with the camera.

We see Eileen’s feet, then the camera turns over to the ceiling. Then the picture is blurred and there are scrambling noises as a dog mouths the camera and drags it around.

Eileen is working with Zani on a rug and Cricket is present. Cricket notices the camera and walks over and nose targets it, tipping it over. Eileen says, “Thank you Cricket!”

Text and Voiceover: I frustrate my dogs sometimes

Different clips of Cricket, Zani, and Kaci show them all in turn making an explosive little exhalation.

Text and Voiceover: Or even make them mad

Eileen cues Zani to sit and reaches down and puts her hand on her chest. She says, “Ready….” then pushes Zani backwards and runs away. Zani barks, lunges forward and punches in Eileen’s direction with her muzzle. Eileen and Zani walk back together and Eileen says, “OK! We’re going to say you don’t like that.”

Text and Voiceover: But I learn from mistakes and am willing to share the process.

Text and Voiceover: If you are tired of dog training videos featuring dogs that already know the behavior…Come visit. Learn more about what works and doesn’t work for us at

Live action during the voiceover: Zani, Summer, and Clara are on mats in the kitchen. Eileen is throwing kibble in front of all three dogs and they are watching the kibble intently but stay on their mats and away from the kibble. Clara is wagging her tail.

Movie ends with a still of Clara lying on a chaise lounge, looking into the distance. The blog address is given at the bottom:

9 Responses to Blooper Video and Transcript

  1. Julie Shaw says:

    Ellen – I LOVE your site!

  2. Pingback: I’m So Glad I Had the Camera! | eileenanddogs

  3. Ms. Sharma says:

    That was incredibly adorable. The best part for me in the entire video was when you retched falsely and all your canine friends came running to you so that they could help you with anything they can. That moment was the most heartfelt for me.

  4. Ivana Janousek says:

    Thank you for putting these bloopers up. They made ma laugh and reminded me of my training endeavours.:)

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