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A Little Heavy on the Body English

Part 3 of  Dogs Notice Everything (The Missed Cue) This is really the opposite of a missed cue. The dogs are understanding the cues beautifully, but these are cues I’m specifically trying not to give! Around the time I made the … Continue reading

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Fixing What I Broke

Part 2 of Dogs Notice Everything. The three “Missed Cue” videos were among the first videos I posted publicly wherein I tried to illuminate an aspect of dog training. Imagine my surprise when, after showing how Zani and Summer didn’t understand … Continue reading

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Dogs Notice Everything

I am fascinated by how dogs perceive the world. One of the things that dog experts and ethologists have been bringing to our human attention for a while is that dogs discriminate beautifully, but generalize poorly. What this means in … Continue reading

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The following movie of training bloopers is meant to set the tone of this blog. I am not a professional trainer. I am a passionate, committed amateur with three great dogs. Link to the blooper movie. I practice scientifically informed humane training … Continue reading

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