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But How Do I Tell My Dog She’s Wrong?

This is a common question for beginning clicker trainers. First we learn the rudiments of marker training: that if we mark and reinforce the behavior we want, it will increase until we can eventually put it on cue. But at … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Funhouse

Over the weekend, Summer and I competed in AKC Rally. She is such an incredibly good sport. After the match I was describing to a friend the ways in which performance events and venues are difficult for Summer. A dog … Continue reading

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Three Behaviors I’m Tempted to Punish, and Why I Don’t

Whoa there, friends. Don’t misquote me. Before I go any further, I want to clarify that I am talking about negative punishment. Negative punishment is the kind where you remove something the animal wants when they do an undesired behavior. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Clara got Mail!

Watch as Clara deftly opens her package from GoughNuts. We are not affiliated with the company and were not asked to feature their products. We’re just very happy customers: Clara because she loves the balls, and myself because they are … Continue reading

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Being Tough

I think one of the most interesting criticisms of force free training by trainers who use aversives is that we aren’t “tough enough” with our dogs. What does “being tough” actually mean here and why should it be so laudable? … Continue reading

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High Speed Nosework

Just a little fun for the middle of the week. Clara can now find her ball anywhere in the yard in under a minute. I’m going to have to start burying it, or get a bigger yard. Or I know! … Continue reading

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Rudelführer (Pack Leader)

Wenn man eine Suchmaschine mit dem Begriff ‘pack leader’ (Rudelführer) bemüht, sind das die ersten paar Funde (tatsächlich aus Google übernommen): Establishing Yourself as Pack Leader (Sich selber als Rudelchef durchsetzen) PACK LEADERS – Canine Advice, Tips, and Tutorials (RUDELFÜRER – kynologische … Continue reading

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Pack Leader

If you use a search engine and search for “pack leader,” the first page of hits looks something like this (taken from actual Google page). Establishing Yourself as Pack Leader PACK LEADERS – Canine Advice, Tips, and Tutorials How to … Continue reading

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