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Halfway Through Madeline’s 1,000 Treat Challenge: Clara is Relaxing!

Wait ’till you see this! Clara and I are halfway through our 1000 treats for Madeline Clark Gabriel’s  1,000 Treat Challenge and I couldn’t be more pleased with our progress. The behavior I chose for Clara’s 1000 treats and structured training is … Continue reading

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Training Levels: Making it My Own

One of the very cool things about Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels is that they are extremely structured but also completely individualizable. The Levels provide a method of learning to communicate with your dog and teach her concepts, in the guise … Continue reading

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Dog Facial Expressions: Stress

Poor Clara had her yearly vet visit this past week. She is my feral dog, and although I have two socialization sessions with her every week and she is making great progress, I have not worked with her at the … Continue reading

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Madeline’s 1,000 Treat Challenge: Starting Week 2

We are now starting Week 2 of Madeline Clark Gabriel’s  1,000 Treat Challenge. If you are late to the party, be sure and read my original post, or at least watch my “before” video. The behavior I chose for Clara is Relax from … Continue reading

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Errorless Learning II

Seems like I’ve been eating a lot of humble pie lately. Pull up a chair and have a slice with me, won’t you? This is an addendum to and correction of my post on Errorless Learning. A knowledgeable Internet friend … Continue reading

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Madeline’s 1,000 Treat Challenge

Madeline Clark Gabriel of Dogs and Babies has a brilliant idea. She proposes to set aside 1,000 treats and train one behavior with planning and intent. I love this because I tend to be a little unfocused in training and … Continue reading

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Contest Results and the Curse of Knowledge

First, congratulations to the winners of the contest and all those who entered. The top three scorers with prizes were: Marjorie MacKay with 12 correct Ines Gaschot with 10 correct Monica Upton with 9 correct I will be contacting you … Continue reading

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