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Lumping It: A Public Service Announcement

So maybe you are new to clicker training and you keep hearing people talking about lumping and how bad it is. Be a splitter, not a lumper, they say. You have a vague idea about it but maybe aren’t exactly … Continue reading

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Ant-Sized Treats

How often have you read the following words? “For clicker training you need some tasty treats for your dog. We recommend treats about the size of your pinky fingernail.” If you Google “clicker training treat pinky nail” you will get … Continue reading

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The Missed Cue: Attack of the Zen Field

Up to this point, all of my Missed Cue videos have been set up. After I discover or suspect a hole in my dogs’ training I set them up in a situation in which I’m guessing they will fail, and … Continue reading

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A Little Heavy on the Body English

Part 3 of  Dogs Notice Everything (The Missed Cue) This is really the opposite of a missed cue. The dogs are understanding the cues beautifully, but these are cues I’m specifically trying not to give! Around the time I made the … Continue reading

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Fixing What I Broke

Part 2 of Dogs Notice Everything. The three “Missed Cue” videos were among the first videos I posted publicly wherein I tried to illuminate an aspect of dog training. Imagine my surprise when, after showing how Zani and Summer didn’t understand … Continue reading

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Dogs Notice Everything

I am fascinated by how dogs perceive the world. One of the things that dog experts and ethologists have been bringing to our human attention for a while is that dogs discriminate beautifully, but generalize poorly. What this means in … Continue reading

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The following movie of training bloopers is meant to set the tone of this blog. I am not a professional trainer. I am a passionate, committed amateur with three great dogs. Link to the blooper movie. I practice scientifically informed humane training … Continue reading

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