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My Dogs Are Not in Charge

As a Humane Hierarchy trainer, it is part of my value system to help my dogs get what they want, within the confines of our mutual comfort and safety. It’s important for me to give them choices and let them … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Exercise Ball

I bought an exercise ball, a FitPAWS peanut, from CleanRun a couple of years ago. It’s a device to help dogs develop core strength and balance. After seeing some YouTube videos and even a professional DVD that showed dogs and … Continue reading

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7 Great Benefits of Flirt Pole Play for You and Your Dog

Clara’s and Zani’s Experiences If you have been following the blog, you may have seen that Clara is an absolute maniac for the flirt pole. It is right up there with playing ball in her list of favorite things. I … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Digging It with Mom

Something light and pleasant to watch during a sad week. Link to video for email subscribers. A couple more fun “digging” oriented videos. Rhodesian Ridgeback Gardeners: A classic. Sleet and Wren’s new Amazing double trick! (When you see what Wren’s reinforcement … Continue reading

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Taking it Easy: One Dog Relaxes

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