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Goodie or Doodie? A Changing Antecedent

Priiiiiiingggggg! I use to host this blog. It has a smartphone app. The app is most useful to me for checking statistics and getting notifications. The app has a pleasant little sound effect. You can assign it to sound … Continue reading

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Summer Learns An Alternative to Being the Fun Police

I have mentioned before that my dog Summer is reactive. Reactive has come to refer to a dog who reacts strongly (and inappropriately in the human’s view), usually with an aggressive display, to some specific triggers. Some of Summer’s triggers are … Continue reading

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Using a Training Plan to Retrain Summer’s “Target”

In our last episode, I shared how I messed up Summer’s hand (and object) targeting behavior six ways from Sunday. Now I will share the process of retraining it. When you follow directions from a book, such as the Training … Continue reading

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6 Ways I Messed Up My Dog’s Targeting

Hand targeting is usually suggested as a great behavior for new clicker trainers since it is easy to get and easy to define criteria for. I guess I didn’t read the brochure carefully enough because I messed up hand targeting … Continue reading

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Level 1 Breakfast

Those who have read for a while know that I use Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels to structure my training. For you new folks: go check them out! They are a great resource if you are training your dog on your … Continue reading

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The Right Word: Reducing Errors in Verbal Cue Discrimination

I’m an auditory person. I grew up in a whole family of musicians. I love language and sound and music of all sorts. For the first half of my life I lived almost exclusively in the company of musicians, and … Continue reading

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Retomar o significado: Generalização

Para os meus leitores e seguidores portugueses. Retomar o significado: Generalização (link) Em Inglês Obrigada Vitor Faibam e Claudia Estanislau pela ajuda na tradução para a versão portuguesa. Note to all my international readers and viewers: I will be happy to … Continue reading

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