It’s Time To Celebrate!

Get ready for some fun! The Pet Professional Guild’s International Day of Force Free Training and Pet Care is coming right up.

collage landscape

Register for this virtual event, and you can…

  • support the only completely force free pet professional organization (registration is $25 and goes directly into PPG’s advocacy fund);
  • spread the word about force free training; and
  • have fun with your animals, all at the same time. You don’t even have to leave your own home.

Oh wait! You also need to know that you will:

  • get a cool medal for your animal;
  • get a competitor’s bib and certificate of participation; and
  • become eligible for incredible prizes and a certain amount of fame as well. Because it is also a CONTEST.

I’m serious about the prizes. Hundreds of dollars worth of very cool stuff. I’m not even listing them here, since the list seems to grow every day!  So it’s time to sign up!

Click on the graphic to go straight to register for the event, or read on for some ideas about possible activities.

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The Pet Professional Guild is the only professional organization for animal trainers that requires that members pledge not to use aversives in training. That means:

No shock, no pain, no choke, no fear, no physical force, no physical molding, no compulsion based methods are employed to train or care for a pet.

Isn’t that how you want your beloved pet to be treated?

What To Do for the Event

The sky is the limit. The guidelines are:

To participate in this event you simply have to take a walk, jog, run, train or spend 30 minutes of force free fun time  with your pet, anywhere you want. (Within the two month time period of January 17 – March 15.)

The “training” and “spending 30 minutes of force free fun” pretty much allow for anything you can think up to do with your animal. Public, private, educational, you get to choose, as long as you and your pet have fun together.

Your registration fee will help the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) continue to enable, publicize, and popularize force free training. And it’s not just for dogs! Take a look at these pictures from some members of PPG.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of the many things that people have in the works:

  • Leslie is giving a free “Ask the Pet Expert” session at a local pet store, and will passing out information on force free training and the Pet Professional Guild and will have two of her dogs with her.
  • Maria has gotten some new toys and enrichment items for her pet rats. She’ll let her rats interact for the first time with their new things, and record it for her film on rat enrichment.
  • Fern, whose dog has a trick title, has arranged to give an informal demo in front of a pet supply store.
  • Jim will take his well socialized green iguana Athena to do a short demonstration for a scout troop. The children will learn about what foods and activities Athena likes, and get to watch her play “climb all over Jim,” a favorite game. They’ll also be learning respect for animals, as Athena will not be “passed around” or treated as a toy. Athena will also get fresh raspberries, a big treat for her, on the outing.
  • Ron, a pet owner who has trained his dog George to settle nicely on a mat, will take George to an outdoor cafe that permits well behaved dogs, where they will both enjoy a mid afternoon snack!

About PPG 

Even though the Pet Professional Guild has “professional” in its name, it has many offerings for pet owners too, and a pet owner membership category. Here are comments from several members, both professionals and pet owners, about why they joined and what they get out of the organization.

Nathalie, pet owner:  I joined because as just a dog owner it was possible and I was so interested in dog training. Having access to webinars and tons of informations on dogs with differents speakers, being part of the guild FB group of people sharing the same values. Proud also to be associate to force free training, for me it is a way of making a statement about what I believe in. it is also a growing business and i’m sure will offer more and more interesting ressources and support to their members. Voilà!    I would like to add that I think PPG is already offering a lot but can see it’s growing ( school-formation…) and like the fact that it takes a stand regarding some training that are not force free.

Karen, professional trainer: I joined because some of the other organizations were still not opposed to older methods and though they used to teach against, they seem to have lost their way and focus. I was encouraged to join PPG by Ada Simms and it is nice to be in a place where they do try harder to practice what they preach and did not slip back for reasons unknown.

Debbie, pet owner: I joined PPG because the people on here train using positive methods, are always helpful,and you don’t get shot down in flames for asking a question. A good, supportive group.

Participant Medal

Click to register!

Patricia, professional trainer: I am a CPDT-KA and a TTouch Practitioner for companion animals.  When PPG started its mission aligned with my own!  I had to join to support this group. I like the fact that PPG gives evidence based education and educational resources to both trainers and to the public.  The communications from PPG are clear about where the organization stands but they are also judgment free.  It is a fact – prong collars are harmful.  PPG doesn’t say ‘you are an idiot for using a prong collar’ instead they say “these are the reasons why every dog should use a harness. Do you need help training your dog?  If so, contact one of our professional trainers.”  What a nice way to get a message across.

Hope to see your competition photos in the winner’s circle!

Photo Credits 

Thanks to all you splendid trainers and animal lovers for the great photos.

Collage at top of page
Bearded dragon Saphira: Kiara Colon
Rat in training: Mary Hunter
Chickens targeting: Lara Joseph
Dog on couch: Eileen Anderson
Colt 45 meeting a new person: Kristi Johnson
Bouvier Mace and Brussels Griffon Bruno happy in the water: Debra Millikan
Green wing macaw spreading wings on cue: Vicki Aquino Ronchette
Horse going through “carwash”: Mary Hunter
Horse Boomer learning about the fly mask: Mary Hunter
Turkey vulture flying to glove: Lara Joseph
Kwynn the pig targeting: Lara Joseph
Harley the teacup piglet recall: Silvia Golz
Hazel the pit bull with her force free scarf: Lori Schmid Nanan
Vladimir the betta swimming through hoop: Lara Joseph
Zazous the Moluccan cockatoo (demo of humane wing trim and body check) : Amy C. Martin
Russ the blood parrot cichlid in tunnel: Emily Cassell
Russ the blood parrot cichlid playing soccer: Emily Cassell
Kona the guinea pig (standing on scale): Emily Cassell
Hemingway the rabbit gets a smooch: Emily Cassell
Blue iguanas Blue and Cooper stationing: Amy C. Martin
Wolfdog Shiloh learning a trick: Linda Michaels
Pit bull Sula dock diving: Jes Hand

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4 Responses to It’s Time To Celebrate!

  1. I love all your blogs, but of course this one is close to my heart. I Love PPG and i love what we are planning here. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the fun things that folks come up with!!!

  2. Dianne G. says:

    This is wonderful! If more people could see force-free training at work on all different types of animals, not just dogs, it might help to foster understanding. (That’s why I would love to take my dog class students to MarineLand but just can’t afford it)

  3. This is wonderful! If people can see force-free training happening with all different types of animals, not just dogs, maybe it will foster understanding. This is why I wish I could take my dog class students to MarineLand – so they could see large marine animals performing behaviors (obviously) without the use of force.

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