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But “Purely Positive” is a LIE!

This remark has been hurled at me. How about you? I certainly don’t call myself “purely positive” or particularly like the term. But here it comes at me, predictable as clockwork, anyway. The reason this keeps happening is in the … Continue reading

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Yes, You May Comfort Your Dog!

Just a quick reminder for the upcoming fourth of July holiday in the U.S. with the attendant loud booming noises. Behaviors can be reinforced. Emotions can’t. Fear is an emotion. If you comfort your fearful dog, it doesn’t somehow “reinforce” … Continue reading

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Level 1 Breakfast

Those who have read for a while know that I use Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels to structure my training. For you new folks: go check them out! They are a great resource if you are training your dog on your … Continue reading

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